Vote and earn 500 AUX + 10 AUX per referral

Coinkeeper ( — an exchange that will launch this month — is holding a voting competition.

Auxilium (AUX) is also added to this competition. See here:

What is this competition and why is it interesting for Auxilium cryptocurrency?
The top-20 projects, based on votes by members of Coinkeeper exchange, will be invited to a World Blockchain Summit in 2020. This means 20 teams will be able to fully promote their project on a worldwide platform. This would be an amazing platform to promote Auxilium cryptocurrency. Additionally the top-3 projects make a chance to win a financial price up to 10.000 USD.

What is in it for you?
Coinkeeper will randomly select 30 voters that will win 1 ETH each.
We at Auxilium Global will add a reward of 500 AUX for every vote IF we end up in the top-20 of votes at the end of the voting round (ends 25th January 2020). Also we’ll randomly select one voter for a prize of 10,000 (10 thousand) AUX IF we end up in the same top-20.

How do you participate for the 500 AUX?
Go to and check all requirements!
Also you’ll be able to earn 10 AUX extra per referral!

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