Thousands join AUX, wallet listings, AID distribution and whitepaper

The Auxilium Global team is preparing their innovative philanthropic cryptocurrency Auxilium for a listing applications on a top cryptocurrency exchange. The aim is to apply for (at least) one top exchange this summer.

The past two weeks we’ve seen many thousands join the Auxilium community. An exciting development thanks to the airdrop and referral promotion. Also we’ve all elements in place for listing applications on and Binance which is very promising.

AUX airdrop and referrals
Multiple ways to earn AUX
Auxilium has made 2 million AUX (of the 107 million AUX circulating supply) available this summer for an airdrop on their own Telegram bot @auxairdropbot. This bot allows crypto enthusiasts to join in the airdrop and earn 120 AUX by performing simple tasks plus earn 30 AUX for each referral. Additionally there are prizes up to 7,500 AUX for the top-10 referrers and a raffle worth 4,000 AUX for 10 lucky winners (400 AUX each).

Additionally there is a video and article bounty competition. For the youtubers and writers out there Auxilium has amazing competitions which offer prizes up to 10,000 AUX!

Listing application is a platform for Ethereum, Ethereum forks and tokens. It allows users to interact with the different networks and utilise numerous methods to view and access their cryptocurrency addresses. There is for instance support for browser, desktop, and hard ware wallets like Ledger and Trezor. Some functionality, like connecting to a hard ware wallet, will not be available for Auxilium straight away as we have to also be listed on one or more hard ware wallets first to allow for this to happen. We’re investigating a hard ware wallet listing.

Listing application Binance is a mobile platform that is acquired by the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance. offers her users a multi-coin mobile app for Android and IOS, plus direct interaction with the Binance decentralised exchange (DEX). The latter allows trading functionality from within the mobile wallet. The option for trading depends on a separate listing on Binance DEX, which is something we’ll investigate. At the moment only top cryptocurrency projects are listed on the TrustWallet. No need to say it would be great to be amongst cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, etc.

AID distribution
The Auxilium Interest Distribution (AID) platform will soon distribute the interest of June. All people who hold AUX on a personal blockchain address (created from within the desktop wallet) receive a fixed percentage of monthly interest adding up to 8% per year. Without the need for mining or staking. Users can keep their desktop wallet closed/offline. As long as the AUX is on their blockchain address they’ll get rewarded.

Finishing the whitepaper is taking longer than anticipated. Because of the academic format we’ve chosen to ask a professional in the field of writing academic (not-for-profit) business proposals to review the paper. Like us he also has a busy job, and volunteers to help Auxilium to get one step closer to reaching our goals and making our dreams, of helping as much people, animals and the environment as possible, come true. We expect the academic whitepaper to be finished within the next month.

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A philanthropy hub with innovative and unique blockchain. Choose for Auxilium (AUX) cryptocurrency with PoA, smart contracts & AID platform. Choose for change.

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