Success! Auxilium (AUX) upgraded.

A short, but extremely positive update!

We’ve successfully performed the Auxilium (AUX) fork! This upgrade opens many doors for Auxilium cryptocurrency and ads a level of independence to the blockchain and network. We’re another step closer to our biggest short-term goal: listing on a major cryptocurrency exchange.

Please read the following points carefully so you are fully updated.

0. The fork/upgrade was a success, the blockchain and network are upgraded!

1. No swap or other major actions required from AUX holders. Your AUX in your AUX address are on the correct blockchain.

2. The Auxilium blockchain explorer is updated and back online. You should be able to check your balance again for instance.

3. We’ll contact the exchanges with the proper information on how to perform the update so their developers can start on this as soon as possible.

4. To make sure you don’t lose AUX in transactions from your wallet to the exchange (or vice versa) please wait for our signal to make your first transactions from your wallet to the exchange (and vice versa).

5. The current Auxilium desktop wallet syncs, but still has known issues. We recommend waiting for the new Auxilium desktop wallet. If you do decide to use the old/current wallet you’ll need to delete the Auxilium/Geth folder and Auxilium_wallet folder; both located in roaming. Always update your keystore folder — with keyfiles — first before deleting anything! If you have questions please contact support

6. The launch of the new Auxilium desktop wallet with functionality like: smart contracts, token creation, paper wallet, etc. will be available soon. Of course you’ll be able — through the keystore file -to import your current AUX-address in the new wallet. Read more about the new wallet here:
The launch date is set for the 9th June, but we might be able to launch sooner.

7. We’ll publish a very detailed article about the new Auxilium desktop wallet, so you can research “the works” before launch.

Keep your eyes open for the next publication! To be expected 4th June.

Don’t forget to show your support! Much appreciated.


A philanthropy hub with innovative and unique blockchain. Choose for Auxilium (AUX) cryptocurrency with PoA, smart contracts & AID platform. Choose for change.

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