New AUXL token powering Auxilium Loyalty Platform (AUX up 1393% past 8 months)

The philanthropic cryptocurrency company Auxilium Global launched the Auxilium blockchain mid 2018, and created the Auxilium (AUX) coin. This cryptocurrency and blockchain has a lot of advantages over traditional PoW and PoS coins and tokens.

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AUX climbing the ranks
AUX coin has seen a 1393% price increase in the past 8 months, of which 218% in the past two weeks in line with many significant development updates (e.g. AUX IEO on Asian XT exchange, announcement of the AUXL token and Auxilium Loyalty Platform, IEO of AUXL token, and many more). AUX coin can be traded here:
The short term roadmap, and links to last weeks publications, can be found here:

Constant focus on strong fundamentals looks to pay off
From the start Auxilium Global planned to build a strong ecosystem with real world use cases, including building a bridge between the blockchain and the non-blockchain world and using part of the company profits to give back to the world (e.g. donate to charity, start philanthropic movements). In our vision mass adoption doesn’t come from focussing on exchange listings (yes, we are aware it’s important to be listed on large exchange for optimal exposure), but rather comes from strong fundamentals; a strong balance between technology, business and use cases with use within and outside the crypto community.

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We’re just getting started
The Auxilium Loyalty Platform is our first use case, and it’s a massive one! In interaction with the AUX coin and Auxilium blockchain a new token with ticker AUXL will power the loyalty platform. The Auxilium Loyalty Platform combines earning, spending and sharing, for AUX holders, Auxilium Global and third-party companies, by integrating and combining various utility on one platform. In this article we’ll mostly shed light on the basics from a user/AUX holder perspective. The Auxilium Loyalty Platform will not be limited at all. We envision it expanding into a crowdfunding platform, third-party company solution, ICO platform, etc. We’ll go into this in more depth in the AUXL white paper which will be published later this year.

For now let’s focus on the AUXL token and Auxilium Loyalty Platform.

The AUXL token
All AUX holders who hold a minimum of 1,000 AUX coins on the 1st October 2020, and hold AUX on a non-exchange (just to make sure, don’t keep the AUX on the exchange) wallet like the desktop (Windows, MacOS or Linux) wallet, a paper wallet or on the Trezor hardware wallet will receive 1 AUXL token for every 1 AUX coin they hold. For instance: if you hold 1,000 AUX you’ll receive 1,000 AUXL for free to thank you for your loyalty to the Auxilium Global project. The same will be done when we create new tokens in the future to expand and power our ecosystem.

The AUXL IEO price of the token will be calculated based on the AUX coin price and expected workload. We’ll be running promotions in August with an estimated AUXL price of 0,01–0,02 USD per AUXL. This means we expect AUX to be a multiplier of that price by November 2020 when we hope to conduct the AUXL IEO.

The Auxilium Loyalty Platform
Earning AUXL

The Auxilium Loyalty Platform
Membership levels

Everyone holding 2,500 AUX or more can become a member on the loyalty platform for free, simply by holding AUX on the verified wallet address. The more AUX you hold, the higher the membership level you will be assigned. There are four levels: basic, silver, gold and palladium. The palladium level is the highest level and gives you the most advantages.

Focussing on the earning of AUXL on the platform the palladium membership will give you 200% (2X more than a basic member) rewards for performing tasks on the platform.

Additionally you’ll receive the (virtual) Auxilium Palladium Card for free. This card gives you full access to the marketplace; the spending of AUXL on the platform. The first 10,000 pre-registered members on the loyalty platform will get upgraded to the palladium level! Free of charge. The only thing we ask is to hold a minimum of 2,500 AUX.

Pre-registration page will launch second week of August 2020.

The Auxilium Loyalty Platform

Users of the loyalty platform will automatically be registered on three different leaderboards: tasks, referrals and charity. Respectively the leaderboard counts the AUXL earned through tasks, referrals and the amount of AUXL donated to charity by the user. The users will battle their way to the top. The top users will get rewarded in AUX at the end of every month. A still to be determined percentage of all loyalty platform profits go directly to charity.

The marketplace

Earning AUXL, and trading it on an exchange is fun, but actually swapping your AUXL for huge discounts or even free products and services is way better! The marketplace allows merchants across the globe, both blockchain, and non-blockchain, too freely (paid premium services will also be made available) promote their special deals for members of the loyalty platform. Silver, gold and palladium members have access to the marketplace. The higher the membership level (the more AUX they hold) the better the deals become. Users swap AUXL to activate their favorite deals. We’ve already got some merchants pre-listed!

Lifetime discounts
Besides the marketplace, with specific deals, companies can list themselves for the lifetime discount option to offer a standard percentage discount to Auxilium card holders. Companies will be verified and listed offering Auxilium card holders local and global discounts; profiting extra from their membership on the Auxilium Loyalty Platform.

Business partnerships
There will be various custom business solutions attracting new sellers/merchants to the marketplace. More about that side of the story in another publication. We’re certain many businesses will find our platform attractive. We even have three pre-listed (needs to be made official) companies already!

Business integration
The same blockchain business solutions offered on the Auxilium Loyalty Platform will be available for integration on excisting loyalty platforms. We already have businesses in mind that could benefit highly from our loyalty platform system. Of course these are actions we’ll undertake once our own product is up and running.

Video with co-founder and CEO
Next week (week of 3–9 August) Anton Donker, co-founder and CEO of Auxilium Global, will take the time to explain a bit more about AUXL and the Auxilium Loyalty Platform. This video will be uploaded on our youtube channel. We’ll of course announce it on our usual social media channels once this video is live.

We hope you enjoyed reading this publication.
We certainly are excited about recent developments!

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