Our new website is live! A day earlier than scheduled. We’ll update all social media within 24 hours according.

With the launch of the new website we hope the branding will appeal. But the look is not the only thing we altered, as the content is at least as important. We’ve restructured and increased the amount of information.

The user experience in a whole should be improved significantly. We’ve tried to explain the — for most readers — complex information as simple as possible. The whitepaper –which will be published this month — will be the place to go for more in-depth information.

Auxilium has so many advantages over the majority of cryptocurrencies…we hope the website makes this clearer now.

The website was one of the final elements that needed to be checked in order for us to approach top tier cryptocurrency exchanges for listing. Most likely the whitepaper and final legal documentation will be finished this month making the path clear to apply for a listing a top tier cryptocurrency exchange.

All very exciting!

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