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All cryptocurrencies support the thought of a decentralized system/currency as a (direct) reaction on the current dominant, non-optimal, systems like governments and banks. Decentralising these systems will lower costs and make the systems more efficient. That are two great points, that also Auxilium supports. But Auxilium goes way beyond these two pointers.

Auxilium is different to cryptocurrencies which are mostly aiming to replace the banks or other sectors who are known for the big money. But that does not (directly) tackle the problem which is the individualistic behaviour of a lot of people within (the western) civilisation. Current cryptocurrencies do not have the focus (yet) to solve real world problems like humanitarian, environmental, etc. (non-profit) problems. This makes Auxilium unique. Unlike a lot of other coins Auxilium can tackle real life problems and really contribute due to its functionality, philosophy and driven team members and community.

We are privileged

You are privileged. If you are reading this, and interested in investing in cryptocurrency, you probably do not have financial problems. You probably have some spare change, or some savings set aside to invest in cryptocurrency. You are privileged. Privileged, because looking at the world as a whole the mass majority has not found out about cryptocurrency yet, so you are one of the first to grab a hold of some and will hopefully, if you are patient and hold, see a return of your investment(s). But most important, and that is what a lot of people do not realize or tend to forget, you are privileged because most people can’t invest in cryptocurrency. Not per se because they are not aware, but because they can’t afford to.

Cryptocurrency? While people worry about having lost money during the crypto crash, there are whole countries, hundreds of millions of people, that would be happy with a relative simple thing like clean drinking water. “Funny” thing: not the people in countries that are well off have been the ones that improved the greatest in supporting change over the years. African and Asian countries, with higher rates of poverty, hunger, etc. have shown the biggest positive movement in charitable actions (volunteering, donations, and helping strangers). As can be conclude from the World Giving Index (WGI) published by the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), using data gathered over 140 countries.

Increase in generosity in times of adversity. People tend to rally when there is a greater need within the population. People in Africa and Asia make greatest improvements.

In this increasingly individualistic and materialistic society where most of us are stuck within the 24/7 economy, getting up in the morning to make money to survive, most tend to forget the true importance of life and the scale of life in its whole that is so much bigger than just you, your family, co-workers and friends. The world is so much bigger than the friends on your Facebook profile and there is so much more out there that should have our attention but simply does not because the increasingly individualistic and materialistic society we live in seems to narrow our view and restricts our thinking.

The view of Auxilium team members

Anton, co-founder and team member of Auxilium, holds a Master of Science in Education Pedagogy. Anton also owns multiple (online) businesses in The Netherlands as an education expert and director. In Anton’s roles, he communicates with all layers of society: children, parents, teachers, management, directors. People from different parts in The Netherlands, different nationalities and a variety of socio-economic status. From private lessons to large deals with organisations.

Anton, co-founder and team member Auxilium

Anton about why he has become Auxilium team member: “Taking care of other humans and mother earth is the one thing people tend to forget in this 24 hour economy. People tend to forget that this world is not only for them as individuals but also for their children and many generations to come. Because of the lack of (social and environmental) investments a philanthropic green movement, in this case a cryptocurrency, is very much needed. I truly believe Auxilium is the future, already has an huge market to target which will only grow in the years to come due to increase in individualism and materialism. Let’s make a change for the better and give back to the world.”

James, also a co-founder and team member of the philanthropic and green cryptocurrency Auxilium, has worked in the IT industry for over twenty years and has held roles both as a Systems Administrator and as a web and app developer and more often than not, the two roles have overlapped. James has written a number of web and non-web based apps to facilitate one project or another and has used his skill set to build a number of companies from the ground up. James enjoys using PHP, Python, C++, C#, Linux and also designing and building core infrastructure and distributed networks.

James, co-founder and team member Auxilium

James about why he has become Auxilium team member: “I enjoy helping those less fortunate and believe sustainability is going to become more and more important into the future. I feel Auxilium is a fantastic way to provide help and support to those in need and to bring together, many like-minded people for a common cause.”

Find more info on the Auxilium team:

Take action. Join Auxilium.

Through its Future World Giving program, CAF has developed a framework of detailed recommendations that, if followed by governments, should future proof the growth of generosity and provide an enabling environment for improved civil society.

In summation the CAF states we have to make sure not-for-profit organisations are regulated in a fair, consistent and open way and make it easy for people to give and offer incentives for giving where possible. Also we should promote civil society as an independent voice in public life and respect the right of not-for-profit organisations to campaign and ensure not-for-profit organisations are transparent and well governed and inform the public about their work. Last but not least we should encourage charitable giving as nations develop their economies, taking advantage of the world’s growing middle classes.

Points that have strong roots within the Auxilium philosophy:

  • Philanthropy is needed in this individualistic society;
  • Decentralize funding, so funding goes towards the needed;
  • Transparency for the charitable people;
  • Stimulating equality and equal chances/opportunities for all;
  • Bringing the world community together, rediscovering the human connection;
  • Giving back to the earth, to nature;
  • Investing in the future: our children, and the many generations to come;
  • Leaving a legacy for future generations, setting a good example.
Rediscovering the human connection, creating positive change together.

The current systems are withholding most people from doing good, because they are being held hostage by the 24/7 economy. Auxilium wants more autonomy, security, transparency, more cost effective and environmentally friendly payments. No need for expensive middle men, no chance for people to corrupt the system, etc.

Auxilium is likely to be the first cryptocurrency and platform of this scale to focus solely on helping people, animals and the environment, and doing so on a global scale. Our philosophy revolves entirely around philanthropy and where appropriate, altruism.

We live in a fast-paced world where most struggle just to survive, and it seems as though things are getting worse as each year passes us by.

The use of technology has provided many wonderful outcomes ranging from cures to diseases that once wiped out entire populations, our understanding of crops and how best to grow food and in which climates, through to our ability to harness the sun, wind and ocean in order to produce electricity.

Technology has also though, allowed us to mine for gasses, minerals and metals at an alarming rate, to deforest millions of hectares in record time, to wipe out the homes of billions of animals and other non-human species while viewing them as nothing more than a product or nuisance, and to produce a 24/7 civilisation that never sleeps and who’s appetite for consumerism, is insatiable.

Our aim through the use of technology, is to build a global platform and initiative of like-minded people, all focused on achieving the same outcome.

A more compassionate, and better world for all.

Are you going to join the movement? Are you Auxilium?

Next publication: the Auxilium network, overview and use cases.

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A philanthropy hub with innovative and unique blockchain. Choose for Auxilium (AUX) cryptocurrency with PoA, smart contracts & AID platform. Choose for change.

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