Huge AUX airdrop and referral campaign started!

You’re in luck!

Auxilium (AUX) cryptocurrency has launched an airdrop and referral campaign today!

In collaboration with Freecoins24 ( AUX hosts a Telegram bot ( through which cryptocurrency enthusiasts can earn AUX by performing simple tasks, plus create a referral link to invite others and earn additional AUX.

The Auxilium Global Team has set 2,000,000 (2 million) AUX aside for this fantastic campaign.

Plus the following extra prizes.

Top-10 referral bonus
1st place: 7,500 AUX
2nd. 5,000 AUX
3rd. 4,000 AUX
4th. 3,000 AUX
5th. 2,000 AUX
6th-10th. 500 AUX

10 x lucky draw 400 AUX
(random winners)

10,000 AUX article and video bounty

Considering the low circulating supply of 107,000,000 AUX this is a huge opportunity in the early days of — what seems to be — a new bull run. A great coin to HODL as the potential upside is enormous.

In history low cap coins (i.e. coins with a low market cap) have the potential to make the largest gains when a bull run reaches its climax. In the case of AUX there are many reasons to assume this will not be different.

Why is there reason to believe AUX will do well next bull run?

AUX has been built from the ground up in the previous bear market. While many projects were abandoned, delisted from exchanges or “died”, the Auxilium Global team actually made great progress. The team — including blockchain partner Applicature and legal partner Comistar — have been working on a strong business and technological fundament.

AUX technology in short
AUX is a customized Ethereum fork which means it offers the same functionality as Ethereum (e.g. smart contract and token creation). But there is more!

AUX has an independent blockchain and network. The AUX Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus with AUX Interest Distribution (AID) platform give the cryptocurrency exceptional advantages over traditional Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS) cryptocurrencies.

AUX is more secure, fast, cost-efficient, easily scalable, user- and environmentally friendly (CO2-neutral) than many other coins and tokens. Additionally it’s the only cryptocurrency that offers its holders fair monthly rewards while at the same time contributing to charities.

All achieved without conducting an ICO…imagine what this team can accomplish when trading volume allows for them to utilise the Research and Development fund to evolve even faster and make the Auxilium Global ecosystem a force to be reckoned with.

Major exchange listing on the horizon
History tells us this can make a world of a difference
Compared to other coins and tokens AUX is still very much undervalued, but that might change in the near future as the team is coming closer to sending listing applications to major cryptocurrency exchanges in order to check yet another short term goal: listing on a major cryptocurrency exchange.

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