Countdown: exciting Auxilium events on the horizon

It’s time to add some important dates to the timeline!

The past few months we’ve been making great progress on the development side, launching a brand new desktop wallet, integrating the Auxilium network on major platforms, launching a new website, etc.; all things that can be seen from the outside. However, a lot of work is also done behind the scenes.

We’re checking requirements for the upcoming top tier cryptocurrency exchange listing applications, and are very close to start these applications. No guarantees of getting listed of course, but we’re very confident we will based on our strong fundamentals.

As many know we didn’t conduct an ICO, thus have no initial funding to simply pay 5–15 BTC for a cryptocurrency listing. Making it even more important for us to check all (additional) requirements set by the top tier exchanges.

Now, the dates!

31st of August: end of airdrop and referral program
Submissions will be cross-checked. All valid submissions will be added to the distribution list. Coins will be distributed before the 7th of September

1st of September: distribution monthly interest by AID platform

1st of September: publish academic whitepaper
We’ll be one of few cryptocurrency companies who publish an actual academic style whitepaper. This paper will focus on the current challenges in the cryptocurrency and philanthropic market and the solutions Auxilium, as coin and blockchain platform, can offer. We’ll also launch a webpage dedicated to papers, as we aim to write more than just one paper. Whenever we expand and develop new products we’ll add papers that complement the whitepaper.

3rd of September: announcing winners
- Winners referral program — up to 7,500 AUX
- Winners bounty program (video and article) — up to 10,000 AUX
- Winners lucky draw airdrop — 400 AUX
Distribution before the 7th of September

15th of September: publish lightpaper
The lightpaper will be informative like the whitepaper, but will focus on those who prefer reading a fancy brochure instead of an academic paper. The lightpaper will be a condensed version of the whitepaper and more approachable for the wider public.

22nd of September: finish final legal documentation
We’re constantly working with lawyers to make sure Auxilium Global follows the international laws and regulations. A lot of hours, but also certainly resources (out of our own pockets), go towards these processes.

23rd of September: start listing applications top tier cryptocurrency exchanges
Very likely we can’t update you as we’ll need to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) which restricts us from spreading information to the community about the listing process. So unfortunately we can’t answer questions like “when Binance?”… ;-)

Have a great week!

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A philanthropy hub with innovative and unique blockchain. Choose for Auxilium (AUX) cryptocurrency with PoA, smart contracts & AID platform. Choose for change.

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