Connect to Auxilium on MyCrypto!

Good news! Auxilium cryptocurrency is added to! This means users of the MyCrypto wallet can interact with the Auxilium network. But that’s not all!

MyCrypto is a multi-coin wallet with a bunch of integrations like Ledger, Trezor and Safe-T mini hardware wallets, Metamask, Parity Signer and Shapeshift.

This does not mean this functionality is instantly accessible for Auxilium, but it does give amazing extra options in the near future. For now the desktop functionality is available for Auxilium.

Why is this listing a good thing?
First of all it allows users of the MyCrypto wallet to hold, transact, etc. AUX without having to download an extra wallet. One could hold multiple cryptocurrency in the same wallet.
Also it results in more eyes on Auxilium. We’re opening our cryptocurrency to a wider public.
Furthermore the earlier mentioned integrations will add to an amazing user experience. We’re planning on adding more functionality for the AUX holder.

Trezor hardware wallet
We’re in the middle of the application process for the Trezor hardware wallet. It will be very easy to interact with the Trezor hardware wallet through the MyCrypto platform, and the Auxilium desktop wallet. Other hardware wallet, like Ledger, listing applications will be researched.

Shapeshift is a very complete cryptocurrency platform that also allows for cross-chain trading. Imagine trading from within your desktop or hardware wallet! Instantly being able to trade AUX against any of the 50+ listed cryptocurrencies and vice versa. After we’ve published the whitepaper we’ll start the listing application process.

Wasn’t there another wallet Auxilium was listing on? True!

We’re in the middle of the listing process for the multi-coin mobile wallet TrustWallet (acquired by Binance). This wallet will allow mobile storage of AUX on Android and iOS. TrustWallet also offers integration with the Binance DEX (which will require another independent application).

Keep checking our social platforms as we expect to have more updates soon!

Have a great day!

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A philanthropy hub with innovative and unique blockchain. Choose for Auxilium (AUX) cryptocurrency with PoA, smart contracts & AID platform. Choose for change.

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