Building the Auxilium Global ecosystem (part I)

Let’s start this article with one of the biggest misconceptions in the cryptocurrency space: a cryptocurrency company is only as big — or worth as much as — the asset (read: coin or token). No, if done properly the cryptocurrency is merely a product created by a company to support (some parts of) the ecosystem.

A company might have several projects, partners, clients, etc. who use this product for its payments, smart contracts, tokenization, etc. This doesn’t mean a company is only focussed on creating revenue through the cryptocurrency. Additionally the cryptocurrency exchange — where the cryptocurrency is listed — is not the only place the cryptocurrency can increase in value.

Auxilium Global would like to introduce a more clear view on the ecosystem that has been built already. This will be done in this publication. In a next publication we’ll try and give you a look into the future, where we try and map out a bundle of great business ideas that will (also) utilise the Auxilium coin and/or newly created tokens on the Auxilium blockchain. To make it even more exciting: there will be more advantages for the AUX coin holders out there…so stay tuned!

But first: what do we have in place?

We think you might be surprised after reading this article how much we’ve already achieved and the great potential Auxilium Global has; and the scale of the ecosystem around Auxilium Global including Auxilium cryptocurrency and its own ecosystem.

Let’s sum up a few important facts before we map everything out in a visual (in part II).

Auxilium Global created Auxilium cryptocurrency. Which is fully legalised through an attorney conclusion based off our academic whitepaper.

Auxilium cryptocurrency brings:

- A live mainnet product;

- A more secure, fair, fast, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly payment network;

- Auxilium Interest Distribution (AID) platform;

- Explorer;

- Tokenization;

- Smart contracts;

- Wallets;

- Wallet integrations (e.g. Trezor, MyCrypto);

- Exchange listings;

- Community of coin holders;

- Social network following;

- Business opportunities.

Auxilium Global, which is by the way corporated within the EU, further has valuable partners and advisors who bring their own large network of professionals:

- Blockchain agency Applicature;

- Legal firm Comistar;

- Cryptocurrency marketing Freecoins24;

Furthermore Auxilium Global off-sets its carbon footprint by planting trees through

How do we plan to continue growth?

We’re currently in talks with one party that would like to partner up and invest money in helping us get Auxilium cryptocurrency listed on a major cryptocurrency exchange. This same partner is thinking about buying equity in Auxilium Global in a later stage.

We’re also going to start talks with three equity platforms to promote Auxilium Global to a wide public of investors for seed funding.

This is just the beginning…

It’s good to understand that Auxilium Global is the company and Auxilium “only” a cryptocurrency platform to support certain elements Auxilium Global will support, launch and/or improve.

- This also means the market cap (the value) of Auxilium cryptocurrency is different to that of Auxilium Global.

Financial injection are the key words at this point.
But at the same time we need to take into account this will be a long and complex process.

Like any company that wants to grow and improve Auxilium Global needs financial injections and therefore is creating an ecosystem that should provide profits that can be reinvested to grow further and/or donated to good causes.

One of the ways is — at the beginning — Auxilium Global will try to sell equity in the company to raise funds for further development of the company.

Within the cryptocurrency spectrum we’re looking at IEO’s and new exchange listings to improve our reach and potential coin value.

In part 2 — the next publication — we’ll map out the ecosystem with for instance potential business opportunities and how they affect different elements within the Auxilium Global ecosystem, including AUX coin.

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