Auxilium updating website and social media 6th August

The past two months we’ve been gathering suggestions from community members and looking into ‘best practices’ for the lay-out and content of our website; the main source of information for Auxilium Global and Auxilium cryptocurrency.

We realise that we can always improve thus have been working hard to come up with a design that fits our ideas, and maximizes the way our unique and innovative features come to light.

Like many know Auxilium has strong fundamentals and Auxilium Global — the philanthropic cryptocurrency company behind AUX — is working towards a top tier cryptocurrency exchange listing. The applications will most probably be sent out this summer which is very exciting.

In order to showcase our fundamentals better a good website is key. Besides the website the social media channels will be updated according.

Put the 6th of August in your agenda, but certainly keep an eye out as the launch might be sooner.

For those who are interested in helping out with translations for the website: we’ll be open community volunteer applications soon. On the new website we’ve also made room for a community volunteer section explaining more about the community volunteers.

Also keep checking our social platforms as we expect to have more updates this week!

Have a wonderful week!

Some links to connect with Auxilium Global and AUX cryptocurrency

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