Auxilium succesfully applies for Trezor hardware wallet

The past weeks we’ve been working on the listing procedure of the popular Trezor hardware wallet. This hardware wallet will give holders of Auxilium (AUX) cryptocurrency the opportunity to store their coins with even more security by using this external device.

Our application was accepted within an hour and will result in AUX being available on Trezor once they launch a new version of the wallet. In general the development team of Trezor sends out an updated version three times a year. This means AUX will most likely be available end of 2019.

We’ll then have a desktop, paper and hardware wallet. But there is more…remember?

Trustwallet mobile wallet progress
Let’s not forget the Trustwallet listing which would add mobile accessibility for Android and iOS users. The listing application of this multi-coin wallet — acquired by Binance — will be resumed this week after a short vacation of one of the developers working on this application.

More hardware wallet listings
We’ll continue working on hardware wallet listings, as this is one of our core priorities in the fourth quarter of 2019. Examples of hardware wallets that are on our shortlist: Ledger and Safe-T mini.

Integration MyCrypto and desktop wallet
Trezor, Ledger and Safe-T mini are all three integrated on the MyCrypto platform making it easy for users of the platform to store AUX (with their other coins and tokens) on their hardware wallets. Also the AUX desktop wallet will be equipped with integration to same hardware wallets, once available.

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