Auxilium monthly recap: September, the first full month

We would like to take a moment to look back at what September had in store and if the set goals have been achieved. We’ve read back what we stated in our previous article and will recap below on the list of goals.

1st September: AID platform, first interest distribution.
Success. All users have received their interest in AUX and the R&D and Charity funds have seen an increase in balance due to the proper distribution.

2nd September: Community charity suggestions.
Success. We have started the topic, and we have already received a few fantastic suggestions. Everyone who is a member of our forum can contribute.

We will donate the total amount of the charity fund in December to three charities.

Current balance of the charity fund is 47874 AUX:

5th September: Contact Trezor and Ledger.
To soon. We have contacted both Trezor and Ledger. Both add coins based on community size. As Auxilium still has a relatively small community we will not yet be added to these hardware wallets.

15th September: New Website Launch.
Success. We are very happy with the new design of our website
We will keep improving the website, and most importantly adding content to inform our community and potential investors to the fullest.

15th September: Roadmap Presentation October, November and December 2018.
Postponed. You can view the roadmap on We will edit the roadmap in the next 48 hours. And will make sure to finish the roadmap for Q4 2018 within 48 hours and present the roadmap for Q1 of 2019 the 15th of October. Within two weeks you know what you can expect the coming six months.

15th September: Project listings relating to the environment and charity.
Success. We have listed two projects: one tree planted, and crowd-funding website.

30th September Monthly Overview (recap).

1st October AID platform, interest distribution based on month September.
Success. The AID platform has even been upgraded for monitoring purposes. The interest will be distributed on time.

Other goals set last month, without specific dates.
Browser Wallet Plug-in
Postponed. Not been able to continue work on the browser plug-in because of windows desktop syncing functionality priority.
Multiple AUX promotions combined worth 2.000.000 (2 million) AUX.
Partial success. There is a 1 million AUX trading promotion running on Mercatox at this very moment (16th September — 15th October).
We have planned 5 million AUX worth of promotions in Q4 of 2018.
At least one ‘AUX invite competition’ on Discord.
Success. We have started a new invite competition on Discord.

Extra achievements
Besides the goals we had set, we have more notable achievements.

Listed on BiteBTC exchange.
AUX can be now also be traded on the Bitcoin and Ethereum markets on this Singapore based exchange.

Last month we already got listed on Mercatox.

We can call ourselves a zero-carbon footprint cryptocurrency company.
Auxilium’s unique technology uses a fraction of the power used by traditional blockchain mining technology, but as a company and as individuals, we’re still using power.

Each year, we’ll offset our carbon footprint by partnering with One Tree Planted to plant trees around the world.

This year we have planted 1000 trees spread across Brazil, Bolivia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Tanzania, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya and Rwanda. You can read more about these tree planting projects here

Listed on more websites
We are now listed on Delta and Blockfolio app, and websites like Coingecko, Coinpaprika, Coinlib, Coinmarketcal, Coincalendar, Coincodex and more. We have listed some of our partners and listings on our website

Partner requests
We have received many partner requests from Discord channels, Youtubers, exchanges, etc. Some we will contact in the near future to partner with in for instance promotions or a listing.

Rebranded explorer and forum
In line with the website we have rebranded the explorer ( and forum ( We also have begun rebranding the social media platforms and have updated our Bitcointalk ANN:

Created airdrop faucet website
For coming promotions we want to use our own faucet to set up exclusive promotions for future partners with the goal to grow our community.

Most frequently asked questions

1. When will the desktop wallet syncing issue be resolved?
The windows wallet still has a syncing issue. Our blockchain partner Applicature, a well know blockchain agency, is actively working to resolve the issue. The issue is more complex because of our new and unique technology, plus the fact that the issues do not seem to be occurring with all users, or at least not as frequent.

We understand it is frustrating when you have a wallet that is not working properly. We can relate, as the wallet is a priority for us also and other steps in the process are depending on a fully working wallet. It is in everyone’s best interest to have a working wallet as soon as possible. You can be sure we are allocating all resources possible to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

2. When is Auxilium going to be listed on CoinMarketCap?
We have recently re-applied for listing on CMC, and are awaiting their final reply. We have updated you in September about our first attempt via the forum.

We have to wait and see what the outcome will be of this second listing application. We objectively check all requirements (and more). But we are not the ones that make the final decision.

Future development
We will work on finalising our roadmap for Q4 fo 2018 within the next 48 hours

The 1st of November we will write another article looking back at October. Let’s hope for a wonderful month.

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