Auxilium mobile wallet launch 6/6/21

While the crypto market has to decide on a break to the upside, or a break to the downside, during a consolidation phase — we’ve decided on the launch date for the Auxilium mobile wallet!

Launch date Auxilium mobile wallet in Google Play Store: 6th June 2021.

We’ve held multiple tests, and then extended the testing with two hands full of community members who have been testing the Android app. Testing takes time, but is more than worth doing. A valuable experience, with great results! A shoutout to all community members who helped us with testing.

About the wallet

A summary

The Auxilium mobile wallet allows you to store, send and receive AUX coins and tokens created on the Auxilium blockchain. When holding AUX on the wallet users receive up to 6.72% interest per annum, split in monthly payments. Everyone participates automatically and contributes to the charity fund!

The wallet is user friendly and secure. It’s very easy to set up a new wallet and/or import an existing wallet via seed phrase, keystore or private key.

When creating a new transaction users can select a variety of advanced settings to customize their transaction.

Additionally it’s possible to create a payment request (with AUX <> USD converter) with QR code. This makes the app easy to integrate in real life business applications. Especially when considering the Auxilium blockchain has near instant — low fee — transactions.

Users can easily create a backup of the wallet, track their transaction history and find useful links to our detailed block explorer and support.

Furthermore tokens and collectibles (NFTs) can be added to the wallet.

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