Auxilium: legal opinion, exchange talks and zero-carbon footprint

Auxilium update

It’s November, and we’re slowly moving towards the end of the year. 2020 is around the corner. The year many crypto enthusiasts believe is an exciting year in terms of a possible new bull cycle.

2018 and 2019 saw a lot of projects becoming bankrupt, being abandoned, and whole communities being left out in the cold. Auxilium Global was built in this period which is a great achievement on itself.

Legal opinion successfully finished

Auxilium Global luckily does not rely on any initial funds, which has proved to be a major advantage (e.g. our ability to maintain development without payment). Also when our final legal opinion was created it definitely showed not conducting an ICO, and the way we setup the fundaments of our philanthropic cryptocurrency business, is in our favour. The final legal opinion was created within a week by our legal partner Comistar. This legal opinion is the final piece of the puzzle in preparation of the exchange listing applications.

Contacting exchanges

In October — with exception of the week vacation we took — we’ve been working on a listing application strategy with our blockchain partner Applicature. We’re not looking to list on just any cryptocurrency exchange. We’re looking to list on a top tier exchange that focuses on quality projects, and not simply adds every coin or token based on the amount of Bitcoin or Ethereum they can pay up front. Because we can’t rely on initial funds it forces us to focus extra on all requirements, which increases the overall quality of our projects. So, it might be harder for us to list at first, but it certainly has advantages in the long term as we believe quality will always come to the surface.

We’re going to start contacting exchanges next week.

Please take into consideration we’re most likely obligated to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the exchanges. Meaning we’ll not be able to inform you which exchange is on our radar, with whom we had talks, if/when we’ll get listed, etc.

Our first trees have been planted!

You probably know by now that Auxilium Global has a zero-carbon footprint, thanks to our environmentally friendly network and blockchain plus the fact we’ve offset the minimal carbon footprint by planting trees across the planet. We’ve received information from One Tree Planted that our trees — that form small forests — in Ghana and Ethiopia have been planted recently. It’s an amazing feeling to make our first contributions to a better world.

In Ethiopia “Forest-dependent communities are getting on board with sustainable forest management and reforestation to restore degraded lands. Our planting partners focused on the practice of agroforestry for this project. Agroforestry is a land management system that incorporates forestry with crop growing, helping improve environmental, economic, and social outcomes. Alongside native tree species, our partners planted coffee and other fruit trees to provide communities with a new source of income and sustenance for their families.” — according to One Tree Planted in an e-mail to us.

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