Auxilium has started top-tier exchange applications

Yes! That’s one exciting title!
The philanthropic cryptocurrency company Auxilium Global has been working very hard –the past two years — to build the company from the ground up during a bear market and to get the coin Auxilium ready for this next step. We’ve put a lot of hours and resources into Auxilium Global and AUX, because we believe that our project has great potential to perform on a global scale.

Together with our blockchain partner Applicature — who have been supporting us from the start — we’re contacting exchanges that meet our requirements.

It would surprise us if you didn’t have questions about the process. This is why we’ve put together some information for you below to give you more insight in the listing process.

Quality over quantity
We’re looking to list on an exchange with a proper trust score, a decent (normalized) 24h trading volume, high(er) visitor count, etc. This leaves us with about 20–30 exchanges that form our first selection, which is a relative small number compared to the nearly 400 exchanges out there; quality over quantity.

Research is key
It’s good to know we’ve done a lot of research on the cryptocurrency exchanges and found many exchanges don’t support the more advantage innovation offered by a coin like Auxilium, as many only support ERC-20 tokens; which is quite limiting. These exchanges are focussed on making a quick buck, and mostly also charge between 1–20 BTC in listing fees. To add, many of these exchanges unfortunately don’t report a fair amount of 24h volume. They pump their volume with 95% by using bots, which is very misleading. No use of paying exchanges a lot of money without reaching a large user base of real users, creating real volume.

Furthermore, you might have seen people requesting contact with Auxilium team members through our social media channels. These are (nearly) all scammers. Normally a top-tier exchange representative won’t contact a project for listing. Top-tier exchanges assess multiple listing requests a day, which means they don’t have for that.

What can you expect?
It’s our absolute intention to list Auxilium on the best possible exchange within the smallest possible timeframe. But nothing in life is certain, same for listing on a cryptocurrency exchange. We have some useful contact, a lot of knowledge and above all a strong project that offers both technological and socio-economic advantages. We would be very surprised if we didn’t get listed on a top-tier exchange.

Because of our strong legal position we’ll be able to hold an IEO (initial exchange offering) on an exchange. This is an option, no guarantee but wanted to inform you about this anyway.

How will we inform you?
This is one of the tricky parts. You’re used to us being very transparent. This might be a little different when it comes to the exchange listings. Most probably all exchanges we’ll contact will need us to sign a NDA (non-disclose agreement) which disallows us to talk to anybody about the exchange listing process. If we do, the listing will be cancelled. So…, questions like “when Binance” will simply not be answered. We might be able to — when the exchange agrees — add a notification the listing application is in process. Please keep in mind ‘in process’ doesn’t mean the same as ‘being listed’, the exchange has the final say.

What will we be doing in the meanwhile?
We’ll mostly continue working on the infrastructure, to prepare it for a possible fast increase in traffic.

Join our community, buy AUX, and sit tight as we’re preparing AUX for the next bull run.

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