Auxilium Global general update 4th June 2020

This is a general update. Keep an eye on our socials for more regular updates.

Corona and Auxilium Global
The corona virus will affect all economies around the globe for the foreseeing future. Until there is a vaccin a lot of companies will feel the effects of the covid-19 virus. Many companies — including cryptocurrency companies and coin/token development teams — have been shut down.

For Auxilium Global this new situation means we needed to cut in costs and restructure our infrastructure, including the network and AID platform. This takes time and effort, but with a goal to stay up and running. We can promise all investors of Auxilium cryptocurrency and followers of Auxilium Global cryptocurrency company we’ll do everything in our power to keep the business running as strong as usual.

We see no reason why we would not be able to. One of our strengths has always been that everyone on the team is working as a volunteer. This means we’ve no salary costs. More positively stated: Auxilium Global will not close due to corona. We do want to apologize for any delays this new situation might cause.

Trustwallet Mobile wallet listing
The Trustwallet — a mobile wallet owned by Binance cryptocurrency exchange — is a mobile wallet where multiple cryptocurrency can be stored. It’s also linked to the Binance DEX (decentralized exchange). We’re running final tests before being able to apply. As you can imagine such a listing requires a lot of precise work. Once listed there we’ll see what the opportunities are for listing on the Binance DEX, so holders of AUX can hold and trade their AUX from within the same device.

Has undergone a transformation the past couple of weeks. We’ll still put in efforts to improve on a weekly basis, but are very happy with it so far. Check it out!

We’ll change social media platforms according.

Token platform
For the Auxilium coin holders or potential investors who missed out on this information, please check out for details on this extra advantage for AUX holders.

Equity platforms
We’ve a list of 7 equity platforms in the EU that we’ve contacted about getting Auxilium Global listed in order to sell company equity. Selling company equity will give us a financial injection to push development to the next level. This also includes expanding on exchanges.

Like you know we’ve got direct contacts within some top cryptocurrency exchanges that are very happy to list Auxilium cryptocurrency, but simply need a listing fee. Besides these options — including IEO besides the listing itself — we’re in talks with another high trading volume exchange that might have a reasonable offer for us. The talks are in the first stages. We’ll keep you posted on any significant events.

Alliance partnership
The alliance partnership was on hold for a while due to corona and the effects it had on our potential future partners business. However, we’ve had good news last week that also they have found a creative way to move forward again. We’ve started conversations again and are working towards a cryptocurrency alliance, which will strengthen the position of Auxilium Global and Auxilium cryptocurrency.

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