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We at Auxilium Global hope you’re doing well, and are delighted to update you again about our developments. About the title: yes, that’s one attractive title for many holders of AUX. But there is so much more to tell. Let’s dive into it.

Like we mentioned in our previous publication we would be busy with adding and optimizing our content on the website to more clearly display the vision of the team in the long run: the idea of the Auxilium Global ecosystem with a major role for Auxilium cryptocurrency.

The previous article we’re referring to:

Lets zoom into this ecosystem idea, and see what has changed on the website. Of course we’ll keep adding content as we go and evolve, but we think you’ll be positively surprised with what we’ve done.

The ecosystem as it is now roughly consists of:
- MainNet product
- AID platform
- Explorer
- Token platform
- Smart contracts
- Crowdfunding platform (not built, but already drafted)
- Education platform (not built, but already drafted)
- Charity fund
- Partners and listings

To pick out some elements we’ve updated on the website

Auxilium Interest Distribution (AID) platform
Like you probably know the AID platform distributes monthly interest adding up to 8% per annum. The reward concept of the AID platform is totally unique as it doesn’t require staking or mining. You can simply leave your AUX in the desktop wallet — or any non-exchange wallet that supports AUX coins for that matter. This concept — including the R&D not-for-profit fund and Charity fund — might be a bit complex. Therefore we created an infographic mapping out the idea. Additionally we added ‘questions & answers’ to the bottom of the page to help out (new) investors.

Example of AID platform structure. Go to the website for full image size.

Auxilium Token platform
The same content changes have been made for the Token platform, and the whole tokenization aspect on the Auxilium blockchain. Without going into technical details, it’s amazing to know for all AUX holders they’ll receive FREE tokens once created by Auxilium Global. It’s a given fact the team will develop projects that will benefit from a utility token. Thus the Auxilium community will receive free tokens in the (near) future. So once you buy AUX you not only hold Auxilium coins, but also automatically will hold all future tokens created by Auxilium Global. Examples of projects that would require a token: education platform, crowdfunding platform and more use case ideas that are already on the horizon (once funding is available).

Example of token platform structure. Go to the website for full image size.

Also important is that we’ll develop a page with information on how to develop smart contracts and/or tokens on the Auxilium blockchain. Plus offering businesses our services to support them to create blockchain related business implementations on the Auxilium blockchain.

This could also mean people will need to buy AUX in order to gain ICO tokens on the Auxilium blockchain. This will increase demand on the AUX coin market(s) — pushing the price.

We’ve added demos and guides (video’s) to the wallets page to make it easier for people to understand how to install and work the basic features of the desktop wallet, and how to send AUX coins from the exchange to their desktop wallet to benefit from the monthly interest and free tokens.

Example of one of the video’s showcasing the speedy transactions on the Auxilium blockchain

Buying Auxilium
We can understand buying cryptocurrency (on Mercatox) seems quite a complex bundle of steps, especially when you’ve never bought and/or traded cryptocurrency before. We’ve simplified the steps, added more links and images. Also people can watch a tutorial video about sending the AUX from the exchange to the desktop wallet on the wallets page.

Charity fund
We’ve created the charity page. The first charity donations will start in 2021. Linked to that a referral competition to stimulate spreading the word about the charities, and Auxilium Global. In the meanwhile we’ll contact charity organizations to offer our partnership and services.

Roadmap — investors
Like explained in the previous publication we’re in talks with one very serious investor who’s looking for a strategic partnership which will include a financial injection for Auxilium Global towards a major cryptocurrency exchange IEO and listing. However, the corona situation is still the same which means no changes on that end. Please read the previous publication for more details.

Because there are uncertainties about when we can expect a financial injection we’ve removed the timeline on the roadmaps page, and substituted it completely for the ‘active development’ and ‘finished development’ sections. Once we’ve the funding in order and/or a different opportunity arises that will give us more clarity on our opportunities we’ll reinstate the roadmap (e.g. connecting projects to dates).

Papers and one pagers
Besides our whitepaper and lightpaper we’ve created — and will continue creating — one pagers with our main features.


That would be it for now. We’ll update you as soon as we have news. Until then please make sure to have read our publications, and try to share content online (this really helps a lot!). Oh way, the “price forecast” ;-)

AUX price — price goal Auxilium Global team
We hardly talk about the AUX coin price, as we thing developing the fundamentals around Auxilium Global should be the main focus. But we can understand investors or holders of AUX cryptocurrency are interested what we have to say about the price.
To end this article we would like to point out Auxilium cryptocurrency has increased quite a bit in value. On low volume AUX gained around 150% in USD value over the past 30 days and has increased around 650% from the all time low (5 months ago).
We see an increase in people holding, which in our opinion is very logical. Those who understand our ecosystem will see that we’ve amazingly strong fundamentals. We’ve recently gone from being a top-1000 cryptocurrency to a top-700 cryptocurrency (based on Coingecko data,
We’re certainly aiming to become a top-100 cryptocurrency, and think this goal is one that’s very realistic. We do need a bit of luck on the way (major cryptocurrency listing, climax of bull run (2021?!), etc.), but with us maintaining development and a strong community of holders everything is possible including an AUX coin with a value of 1 USD or more.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. Stay safe!

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