Auxilium Community Fundraiser explained

The cryptocurrency space can be a very complex one, especially if you’re new to all of this and never experienced a bull market. Why mention the bull market? Well, because this phenomenon is at the core of our top exchange listing plan through the Auxilium Investment Fund.

A bull market is a market that characterises itself by positive sentiment across the board. All, or most, of the cryptocurrencies will gain in value. Bitcoin (BTC) normally leads this bull market or bull run. The bull run of BTC is normally long and relatively steady. The bull run of altcoins (all other coins besides BTC) follow later on, far later than BTC and normally see a much more explosive movement upwards.

The last bull run of BTC climaxed in December 2017. For altcoins this was January 2018. After this climax a long bear market started. This bear market has been a fact until October this year, so it seems. BTC has left the launchpad, and skyrocketed from the 10,000 USD to the 16,000 USD mark in just a few weeks. At the time of publication it already surpassed the 18,500 USD level. The last bull run lasted about 10 months for BTC, and about 6–7 weeks for the altcoins. BTC saw an increase of about 2,000%, while some top altcoins saw gains of 3,000, 4,000 and even 6,000%.

If you’re new to all of this, it might seem a little far fetched. But that’s how this market works. It’s relatively small and unknown meaning that every new influx of investors is a big deal and will result in significant increases in the price. Especially when all time highs (e.g. 20,000 USD for BTC) are breached. Meaning there is no new reference, and the price will be determined on the hype (read: the price of a coin is as high as people believe it’s worth in that hype cycle).

How is this relevant for the Auxilium Investment Fund, and for a top exchange listing for AUX coin?

The only thing stopping AUX at the moment to gain serious upwards price movement is its lacking a top cryptocurrency exchange. The listing fees for such an exchange are huge. Not something the team can pay out of their own pockets. Explained in a letter on the forum:

To reach our top exchange listing goal we started a community fundraiser. Have a look here:
Not to be confused with a donation page or crowdfunding, because contributors actually receive AUX coins in return for their investment.

For the matter of fact we’re even adding some extras for the ones contributing to the community fundraiser.

Bonuses for contributors community fundraiser

Tier 1: 100–499 USD investment
- Hall of fame mention on fundraiser page (optional)
- ‘AUX fundraiser legend’ forum title
- 2 min call with our CEO
- AUX amount in AUXL, on top of the AUXL you’ll get automatically at snapshot
Post listing:
- 15% extra AUX
- Tier 1 goody bag

Tier 2: 500–999 USD investment
- Hall of fame mention on fundraiser page (optional)
- ‘AUX fundraiser legend’ forum and telegram title + moderator access
- 4 min call with our CEO
- AUX amount in AUXL, on top of the AUXL you’ll get automatically at snapshot
Post listing:
- 30% extra AUX
- Tier 2 goody bag

Tier 3: 1000 USD+ investment
- Hall of fame mention on fundraiser page (optional)
- ‘AUX community advisory board’ forum and telegram title + moderator access
- 7 min call with our CEO
- AUX amount in AUXL, on top of the AUXL you’ll get automatically at snapshot
- Spot on our community advisory board — join advisors chat and monthly call with CEO and CTO
Post listing:
- 50% extra AUX
- Tier 3 goody bag

Every penny goes towards the Auxilium Investment Fund
This fund leverages other cryptocurrencies in the bull market. While other cryptocurrencies increase in value the investment fund will grow also, as the fund is actually a cryptocurrency portfolio. It’s very important to understand that the set goal of 300,000 USD for a Bittrex listing can be achieved with just a fraction of this amount invested in crypto in early stages!

Ready for some examples?

Last bull market BTC increased more than 20X in value. We believe BTC can — from this point on (16,000 USD mark) — do at least a 10X increase. Thus, if we would hold 30,000 USD worth of BTC now we could have 300,000 USD in 9–10 months time, and get listed.

We have a community of many thousands of crypto enthusiasts (e.g. 19K Twitter followers, 16K Telegram users).
If everyone would invest just 1,50 USD to the cause in 2020 we would easily be able to reach the 300,000 USD target. That’s less than a tiny cup of coffee in Europe…

Especially for those who hold a good amount of AUX it’s very important AUX gets listed on a top exchange. Why not contribute to the community fundraiser if you’re holding 10,000 AUX for instance? It’s worth a few dollars now, while it could become worth 10,000 USD once listed on Bittrex or a similar exchange during a bull run. It’s a realistic valuation, as we have our own unique blockchain with many advantages over the competition thanks to our Auxilium Proof of Authority technology.

So, back to the calculation examples.

Let’s say 2,000 community members are holders of a decent amount of AUX, and join the fundraiser. And we’re anticipating BTC and/or ETH making a 10X jump in value in 2021.
We’ll only need an investment of 15 USD per community member! Is that too much to ask, to increase your own holdings from dollars to thousands of dollars, or from thousands of dollars to hundred thousand of dollars?

We’ve already received very generous fundraiser investments of a few community members, up to 1,500 USD! If only 20 would do the same in 2020 we could grow the investment fund to reach the goal in 2021!

Go over to the community fundraiser page and invest in the future of AUX coin, the future of Auxilium Global and of course your own financial future!
Want to invest in BTC, fiat, or any other cryptocurrency (instead of ETH)? Feel free to contact our CEO on Telegram @asdaux.

A philanthropy hub with innovative and unique blockchain. Choose for Auxilium (AUX) cryptocurrency with PoA, smart contracts & AID platform. Choose for change.

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