Auxilium (AUX) monthly recap: November 2018

Every month Auxilium Global ( reflects on the past month. This recap is a summary built by short chapters of events.

Hottest airdrop
Less than 24 hours after launching the first airdrop of Auxilium cryptocurrency it was clear: AUX, the innovative philanthropic project is hot! The coin of cryptocurrency company Auxilium Global was the ‘hottest airdrop’ for two weeks in a row on Not very surprising if you look “under the hood” of this Proof of Authority (POA) powered cryptocurrency that is more secure, environmentally friendly, fast and fair than many traditional POW and POS coins and tokens.

AUX at a certain point even reached 1500+ degrees. It outperformed all exclusive premium paid for listings.

Airdrop distribution
Because of the great success Auxilium distributed 2000+ airdrops early, also spreading the impact (e.g. there are always people who directly sell their free coins) of the airdrop on the market. The expected date of the second half of airdrops is 2nd December 2018, which is not different from the statement at the start of the airdrop campaign.

Launched video
A video explaining what Auxilium Global, and AUX cryptocurrency, is all about.

Escodex Exchange listing
Auxilium has been listed on decentralised cryptocurrency exchange Escodex ( on 30th November. It can be traded on the Bitcoin market: AUX/BTC.
Users of this exchange will have one month (until 1st January 2019) to buy AUX against a discount.

No ICO: still volunteering “under the radar”
Auxilium has been operating under the radar during the first three months of being listed on exchanges Mercatox ( and BiteBTC (, and since yesterday Escodex ( The full team, including blockchain partner Applicature, has been working voluntarily on Auxilium for the past year. Directly resulting in a unique and innovative MainNet product with own platform (i.e. independent blockchain and network). Being under the radar does not worry the team at all. There are many examples of projects that have been flying under the radar, gradually building community, and suddenly showing a hyperbolic rise in value.

AID platform Interest distribution
The November interest will be distributed 1st December, like the October interest was distributed 1st November. Users holding AUX on a desktop wallet address will receive 0.56% interest, and will support charity and the R&D fund for philanthropic support and project creation with another 0.053% each.

Auxilium Charity Fund
In December the Auxilium Global team will select three charities to which they will donate. A community vote on the forum will determine how much will be donated. The full charity fund, the total of the monthly charity of three months (approximately 150 thousand AUX), will be divided over the three charities; onto three transparent AUX-addresses.

Auxilium desktop connectivity
After the latest update a month ago the desktop wallet is very stable and connectivity issues are in the past for most users. It can always occur due to different settings (e.g. wifi, firewall, conflicting wallets) of individuals that connectivity is not optimal. For those having problems connecting properly support is offered at .

Auxilium desktop smart contracts
Tests have shown improvements. However, the full functionality of the smart contracts (single owner, multi-signature and custom contracts) is not stable enough to launch. The development team will continue working on fixing all issues and properly testing all functionality before releasing an updated wallet. Once smart contract functionality can be guaranteed Auxilium will post instructions on how to create different types of contracts from within the desktop wallet.

Roadmap Q4 2018 and Q1 2019
Auxilium has updated the roadmap on . The roadmap is a representation of the minimal checklist per quarter. We aim to at least deliver on all goals and hope to establish even more.

The website is updated to make it easier for people to find content related to Auxilium Global and cryptocurrency AUX.

Website Google ranking
The team contacted an agency specialised in search engine optimisation, to (over time) get the website of Auxilium Global ranked higher in Google to attract more potential investors.

A good whitepaper is of great importance for investors and exchanges. The Auxilium Global Team has decided to go with an academic format as they believe this is the proper way to construct and publish a whitepaper. A copywriter will work on finalising the paper.

A blockchain lawfirm wrote multiple legal documents to support the fundaments of Auxilium Global and its users. On the website a privacy policy and terms of service are added.

Community size
The past month the Twitter account ( ) went from a stable 1500 followers to 4500 followers, also other social media platforms showed an increase in following; like a 50% increase in our Telegram channel ( Signs that the community is growing and/or more people are interested in Auxilium.

Auxilium has not seen a bull market yet which makes it a more difficult to build the company. The positive events are not reflected in the value which is hard for investors to process and makes it harder to attract new investors. People simply don’t invest as easy when the price is dropping. A reversal to a more bullish market will make a big difference and will help Auxilium grow (faster). Massive sell-offs are common in periodes like this, especially for cryptocurrency with a smaller user-base (like Auxilium at the moment). For those who believe that AUX has the future this is a great opportunity to buy some more [while taking into account of the risks of investing of course!]. In the meanwhile the team tries their very best to set-up a strong fundament in preparation of many great years to come.

Q&A video
The team decided to have a Q&A video this month. Auxilium Global co-founder Anton Donker will answer questions from the community in a video end of December. Community members can add their questions under the to come social media posts.

There are multiple bounties that started in November. Everyone can participate for free AUX coins.

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