Auxilium (AUX) airdrop: don’t miss it!

Auxilium ( is the coin of philanthropic cryptocurrency company Auxilium Global. AUX is one of the hottest projects still under the radar.

This low supply sleeping giant is holding a 1.000.000 (1 million) AUX airdrop and a bonus raffle worth 50.000 (50 thousand) AUX for those holding 10.000 (10 thousand) AUX or more on one address before the end of the airdrop on the 1st of December 2018.

Participate in airdrop:

Don’t miss out.
Participate in airdrop:
The unique and innovative code and meaningful and necessary concept make AUX a must have for every crypto enthusiast. Not to mention the passive income platform the developers created.

Unlike most cryptocurrencies that come out these days Auxilium is not a token, but a coin with an independent blockchain and network, with in the very near future the ability to create smartcontracts, dapps and its own tokens.

Auxilium POA (Proof of Authority), the consensus used by AUX, is more secure, environmentally friendly, fast and fair than many traditional POW and POS coins and tokens. Mining and staking is not required for block creation which makes it possible for AUX-holders to receive interest/rewards while their pc is switched off.

The Auxilium Interest Distribution (AID) Platform makes sure every user, holding AUX on a personal address, gets up to 8% interest a year split into monthly rewards. AUX users automatically donate to charity through the AID platform and make sure R&D funds are topped up to create new projects.

Early adopters advantage.
It’s even more interesting for early adopters (you), because of the hard capped supply of 300 million AUX coins!

Why buy Auxilium?
For those interested in more information why AUX is a good buy, this article on CoinBeat is a good read:

Auxilium can already be traded on Mercatox and BiteBTC.

Participate in airdrop:

A philanthropy hub with innovative and unique blockchain. Choose for Auxilium (AUX) cryptocurrency with PoA, smart contracts & AID platform. Choose for change.

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