AUX Investment Fund: the gateway to top exchange listing

Tuesday 21st we’ve published the great news AUX will be holding an IEO on XT Launchpad. See here:

This mutual effort of Auxilium Global and XT exchange will open Auxilium up to a larger cryptocurrency market and audience. Check out the event on Coinmarketcal:

We’ll make 10,000,000 (10 million) AUX available from the Research and Development fund for this offering. These 10 million Auxilium coins will be sold against a fixed price. This price will be determined 48 hours before the start of the IEO based on the price of AUX on the AUX/BTC market on Mercatox.

The higher the price on the AUX/BTC market on Mercatox ( ) the higher the price of the IEO on XT. Since the IEO announcement we’ve seen a 56% price increase on the AUX/BTC market. The sell wall of 69 satoshi seems to be the next resistance.

We obviously hope to sell as many AUX as possible for a fair price during the IEO.
The IEO profits depend on both the IEO price and the amount of AUX sold. Therefore a rise in price pre-IEO on Mercatox is desirable. It will mean more investment opportunities for Auxilium Global to help (speed up) development and future top cryptocurrency exchange listing.

Example: IEO price 0,01 USD, then we can sell a maximum of 100,000 USD in AUX.
Example 2: IEO price 0,05 USD, then we can sell a maximum of 500,000 USD in AUX. Just to give you a fair indication: in this scenario we could pay for a top-20 cryptocurrency listing straight away.

With that said we want to introduce the Auxilium Investment Fund.

Auxilium Investment Fund
Once the IEO has ended we’ll know how many AUX has been sold and what the financial outcome is of this sale. Before we can count the actual financial injection — and future options — we’ll need to detract the XT exchange listing fee, and the 20% commission (as we’re working together on a commission base). Also we’ll need to reimburse all company investments until now, and secure 2 years of future operation costs of Auxilium Global and AUX cryptocurrency. Additionally we’ll add proper market making to the XT exchange market, which will ensure a more healthy market. The remaining sum will be put into the Auxilium Investment Fund.

What will be done with the remaining sum?
Instead of directly spending all IEO earnings, we envision we can significantly increase the value of these earnings over the next months by creating a strong cryptocurrency portfolio consisting of 5–7 projects with a bullish short-midterm outlook. We’ll update the community about the balance of this investment portfolio on a monthly basis.

Our idea is to create a solid investment portfolio that will very likely within the next year pay a (IEO and) listing fee on one of the worlds biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. We’re talking about the Nike and Adidas (for instance Bittrex and other exchanges with massive amounts of users worldwide) of cryptocurrency exchanges. We’ve already established contact with a few, and have passed preliminary assessment.

We can sell everything now and settle for less, or we can wait and build a portfolio that’s worth multiple times more in the next year and join the top projects on a world renowned exchange. It’s all about seeing the bigger picture, thinking ahead and having patience. At least that’s how we see it.

Further development
Of course we’ll not simply wait until the investment portfolio has reached the top exchange price target. We’re very well aware use cases — increasing demand for AUX coins and additional Auxilium blockchain tokens — are necessary to strengthen the ecosystem. And that’s exactly what we’re doing. 28th July we’ll publish a short term roadmap showcasing some very interesting actions benefiting AUX holders.

First Auxilium use case token: 1 AUX = 1 Use Case Token
1st August we’ll reveal the use case token concept. We’re sure you’ll love the idea as it will add direct functionality/useability to AUX and the token. Both will interact with each other on a platform which combines multiple use cases within the Auxilium Global ecosystem. With AUX holders for instance receiving free tokens, there is a lot to win for those holding AUX.

#AUX #Auxilium $AUX all the way! ;-)

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