AUX development update: stable network and wallets

Having an independent blockchain and network like Auxilium (AUX) has many advantages. Take for instance the Auxilium Proof of Authority with AID platform like discussed in the latest publication. On the other hand it takes more time and effort to get everything working as intended. Progress is constantly being made but not always visible. In order to give you a better understanding of what is happening behind the scenes we try and update you as good as possible through publications like this one.

Today we’ll discuss the AUX network and wallet.

Frequent users of the Auxilium desktop wallet most likely experienced the improved network stability. Two weeks ago we significantly improved the stability and built in a “backup”. We now — in layman’s terms — have connection port A and connection port B that support each other. When connection port A gets too much traffic connection port B can take over while A processes the traffic and clears the road, etc.

This means it’s very unlikely that you will have troubles with syncing the desktop wallet. Positive news!

Besides working on improving the network and syncing of the desktop wallet we’ve investigated several options to increase the amount of wallets. Not just for the sake of having more wallets, but to give AUX holders more options when it comes to picking a wallet to safely store their AUX on. Some people simply don’t have a desktop, but do have a mobile device. Others would like to be able to access their AUX when not at home, for trading purposes for instance.

We’ve had contact with two well-known organisations that offer multi-coin wallets (i.e. cryptocurrency wallets that support multiple coins and tokens). One specifically for the desktop and browser, the other for your smartphone. It looks like we can add Auxilium to both wallets, with the necessary developer efforts and time involved of course.

In the case of the desktop wallet it means we’ll be able to properly create smart contracts, besides accessing and sending/receiving AUX, which at this point is not possible within the current desktop wallet. In the case of the mobile wallet it will not be possible to deploy contracts, but will be possible to access and transfer AUX at all times.

Adding AUX to multi-coin wallets not only adds options for users and extra functionality, but we believe it’s also good from a marketing perspective to have AUX listed on multiple cryptocurrency platforms.

During this investigation we came to the conclusion that it might be necessary to carry out a fork to improve the AUX blockchain and separate it even more from other Ethereum-forks. Forking is very common and used by cryptocurrency companies to implement new code (changes in the core). It’s like an upgraded version of an existing cryptocurrency. This fork does not affect your AUX holdings at all. But will increase the functionality of AUX.

If we choose to update AUX to a new version we’ll make sure you’re informed beforehand and have the time to take actions (if needed). Most probably you’ll have to do little to nothing.

In short: we’re heading the right direction and are improving the fundamentals on a weekly basis.

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