A preview of a user friendly cryptocurrency wallet supporting the Auxilium blockchain, the AUX native coin and (future) tokens.

The Auxilium Mobile Wallet is a lightweight wallet that’s super user friendly and allows holders of AUX to earn 6,72% annual interest on their holdings without the need for mining and/or staking. Even when offline you’ll receive interest every month. Additionally you’ll be supporting the charity fund and the R&D fund; adding up to 8% interest per annum.

Below you’ll find some screenshots — and descriptions — of the wallet that will be available on our website and Google Play soon.

DeFi. UniSwap. Two very hyped terms in the cryptocurrency space lately. But is it that special? And should Auxilium join this hype?

Many of the Auxilium cryptocurrency members have asked themselves the question if Auxilium would create a DeFi token and/or engage in DeFi soon. The answer to this is very simple: Auxilium is already fully equipped as a DeFi platform! As Auxilium has similarities to the Ethereum code-base, and coding language it has the same opportunities for developers to create (DeFi) tokens on the Auxilium blockchain.

Why not list Auxilium on UniSwap? For those who missed out on UniSwap…

The cryptocurrency space can be a very complex one, especially if you’re new to all of this and never experienced a bull market. Why mention the bull market? Well, because this phenomenon is at the core of our top exchange listing plan through the Auxilium Investment Fund.

A bull market is a market that characterises itself by positive sentiment across the board. All, or most, of the cryptocurrencies will gain in value. Bitcoin (BTC) normally leads this bull market or bull run. The bull run of BTC is normally long and relatively steady. …

The community fundraiser is live!

It took us a while to get it up and running. Like we mentioned earlier this is a good thing in the long term. Thanks to these efforts we’ll be able to expand this fundraiser idea into utilising the platform for future ICO’s when developers create their own tokens on the Auxilium blockchain.

You can find more information on the fundraiser here:

We’ll try to keep the page as up-to-date as possible. Our aim is to update the fundraiser results and the USD value of the Auxilium Investment Fund every 24 hours.

If you…

Auxilium (AUX) cryptocurrency has been ‘trending’, ‘hot’ and listed under ‘potential coins’ in the CoinMarketCal Highlights, and even reached the main page for a couple of days. This is in line with the upcoming IEO on the Asian XT exchange, and many amazing short term goals presented by the Auxilium Global Team, which triggered a true price rally for the AUX coin. AUX price has risen more than 8,000% since the low in November 2019 according to CoinGecko. The coin is climbing towards the top-400 cryptocurrencies on the same coin market cap website. …

The philanthropic cryptocurrency company Auxilium Global launched the Auxilium blockchain mid 2018, and created the Auxilium (AUX) coin. This cryptocurrency and blockchain has a lot of advantages over traditional PoW and PoS coins and tokens.

Check out this page to find out about these advantages: https://auxilium.global/advantages-of-innovation/

AUX climbing the ranks AUX coin has seen a 1393% price increase in the past 8 months, of which 218% in the past two weeks in line with many significant development updates (e.g. AUX IEO on Asian XT exchange, announcement of the AUXL token and Auxilium Loyalty Platform, IEO of AUXL token, and many…

Like promised in our previous publication we hereby publish a short term roadmap for the AUX cryptocurrency coin and the AUXL token. Yes, the AUXL token is new! Keep reading…

Before we dive in
We’re (also) pleased to mention we’re now published on CoinMarketCap Signal: https://coinmarketcap.com/headlines/signals/

Don’t forget to also read our two previous articles, if you haven’t done so yet:
1. AUX IEO: https://medium.com/@auxiliumglobal/aux-ieo-on-xt-and-more-1d87b69fad7e
2. AUX Investment Fund: https://medium.com/@auxiliumglobal/aux-investment-fund-the-gateway-to-top-exchange-listing-c7e33ef00d70

A bit much to take in? We understand the amount of updates might be a bit overwhelming, possibly making it a be much to take in. Therefore next week Anton…

Tuesday 21st we’ve published the great news AUX will be holding an IEO on XT Launchpad. See here: https://medium.com/@auxiliumglobal/aux-ieo-on-xt-and-more-1d87b69fad7e

This mutual effort of Auxilium Global and XT exchange will open Auxilium up to a larger cryptocurrency market and audience. Check out the event on Coinmarketcal: https://coinmarketcal.com/en/event/aux-ieo-on-xt-38569

We’ll make 10,000,000 (10 million) AUX available from the Research and Development fund for this offering. These 10 million Auxilium coins will be sold against a fixed price. This price will be determined 48 hours before the start of the IEO based on the price of AUX on the AUX/BTC market on Mercatox.


Last week we’ve signed an agreement with a larger cryptocurrency exchange to hold an IEO (initial exchange offering). It’s very important for all AUX holders, and future investors, to read this publication and keep an eye out for new publications in the next few weeks.

You can expect the following: AUX IEO (and potential listing), AUX use case token creating and distribution {AUX holders receive this token for FREE, the more AUX you hold the more tokens you’ll get!}, Use case token IEO, Use case platform, short term roadmap, etc.

Again: we’re no financial advisors, but for those with AUX…

Recently we’ve distributed the monthly interest through our AID (Auxilium Interest Distribution) platform for the months March and April.

We’ve been updating our infrastructure to cut costs. This meant a temporary process change; while dealing with changes due to covid-19. Our sincere apologies again for the delay, but like we said: all will be fine.

Currently we’re working on the connection between wallets and the network (the network is running fine by the way). The interest for May and June will be distributed as soon as possible.

A slight reminder of what the AID platform is and does.

Our Auxilium…

Auxilium Global

A philanthropy hub with innovative and unique blockchain. Choose for Auxilium (AUX) cryptocurrency with PoA, smart contracts & AID platform. Choose for change.

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