Auxilium cryptocurrency is listed on PancakeSwap. Better said: the wrapped token of Auxilium is listed on PancakeSwap. A wrapped token is a representation of the actual coin on a different blockchain. By doing this a different blockchain ecosystem can be leveraged; like for instance the decentralized exchanges within that blockchain…

This is a letter from the CEO and co-founder of Auxilium Global. The letter contains information on which the whole team is informed, and which the team supports. This letter is a reaction to the past and current situation of Auxilium Global and more specific Auxilium (AUX) cryptocurrency. …

AUX, WAUX, AUXL…what is happening? What is what?

Updates are flooding your socials lately as Auxilium development is picking up the pace. Which is something we all should embrace. With that being said, it can be a bit overwhelming. But, don’t worry, just sit back, relax and read this summary.

Auxilium (AUX)

While the crypto market has to decide on a break to the upside, or a break to the downside, during a consolidation phase — we’ve decided on the launch date for the Auxilium mobile wallet!

Launch date Auxilium mobile wallet in Google Play Store: 6th June 2021.

We’ve held multiple…

A preview of a user friendly cryptocurrency wallet supporting the Auxilium blockchain, the AUX native coin and (future) tokens.

The Auxilium Mobile Wallet is a lightweight wallet that’s super user friendly and allows holders of AUX to earn 6,72% annual interest on their holdings without the need for mining and/or…

DeFi. UniSwap. Two very hyped terms in the cryptocurrency space lately. But is it that special? And should Auxilium join this hype?

Many of the Auxilium cryptocurrency members have asked themselves the question if Auxilium would create a DeFi token and/or engage in DeFi soon. The answer to this is…

Auxilium Global

A philanthropy hub with innovative and unique blockchain. Choose for Auxilium (AUX) cryptocurrency with PoA, smart contracts & AID platform. Choose for change.

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